Monday, January 5, 2009


My hours are completely messed up. I am definetly a night owl (and i know i mention this all the time). This whole trying to create a new habit by getting in bed early so that I wake up early is so not working.

A friend is staying the night with me tonight because she had to come back a week early for rehearsal for the Spring musical. She didn't get to town in time to check into the dorms, so she is sleeping here. Her rehearsal begins bright and early at 9 AM tomorrow (which is 8 hours and 10 minutes away). She went to bed at 11 so that she would be rested.... I took the laptop and headed down to the living room with my 'night owlness'. Perfect time to read blogs and not feel guilty for ignoring people.

There is someone or something down there.... no joke. China (my dog) would not get still. And believe me that girl is lazy, it doesn't take much for her to lay down and take a nap. She was barking at something and staring at the door like something was out there. I ignored.... until i heard it too. Then after hearing it again i got up and checked the dead bolt. She kept raising her ears and looking around. I'm tellin' you.... something is out there. And that is so not cool.

I'm creeped out.

I called my sister (from upstairs in her bedroom) on the phone and made her come watch me as i gathered my things, turned off all the lights, tv, and headed up the stairs. I sat in her room for a little while tucked away in the corner trying to hide the glow of the computer screen... then i felt bad so i tried to be brave and head down the hall to the Media Room.

Checked behind the couches, and then was about to sit down when i noticed that the neighbors dog was barking..... which is REALLY odd. I'm tellin' you - something is out there.

So here i sit - in my bathroom - haha!!!! I have the door closed and i'm typing away.... but hey i'm locked in a room, with no windows so whatever/whoever is outside cannot see that my light is on....

I'm totally freaked out - and too wired to go to sleep.

So off i go to explore in Bloggerville!

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