Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's that time again...

My Great Grandmother passed away in 1995 (i believe), and that was the year the tradition began. The tradition of The Kilgore Family CD. We originally made the first one in Memory of her and just gave it out to our family. But then they ended up loving it so much (and my mother loved having something the whole family could do together) that we continued it on the next year and the next, and the next and... you get it. So we eventually started giving them to close friends also.

The older we get the harder it has been to complete a new cd each year. 2005 was the last time we recorded - and it was SO much fun! We usually do it in our own music room at our house, but we decided it was be less stressful (for everyone involved) if we let someone else take care of the 'technical' issues. So we went to a guy close by and recorded in his studio. We each had our own soundproof rooms with a little glass window to look out and see everyone else, our own studio microphone, and cool headphones to listen to the music and everyone else singing - SO NEAT!! It was incredibly fun!

It's been 4 years so we have more than enough songs in order to complete a cd. So here we are! After a long break... Preparing for yet another year of the Kilgore Family singing/recording tradition. This is seriously like one of my favorite things to do. I like to pretend i'm the little voice teacher. Encouraging everyone else to just have fun and sing like no one is listening. haha!!! :)

We practiced today... that's what inspired this post. We went into the music room to run through our songs and it was like a FREEZER in there. All of us in our jammies, no make up, air dryed hair, mismatching clothes, and even eskimo jackets. You know the ones with the hoods that have that fur on them? I call them eskimo jackets -don't ask me why- I haven't a clue. I just thought it was hilarious that Casie and I were bundled up like that... so of course i got a picture!!!

Doesn't she look beautiful? How many different colors does she have on?

This is home for me! I just feel like i'm in my element... but no one is there watching me so it's really really genuine. Those moments are my favorite! I'm excited that it's finally time to record again!!!!

I love you, Lord. And i thank you for the gift of music and the ability that you have given my family to sing. It really is special. I thank you for all the times that i have met you in this small room in the back of our house. I am blessed - and i love You so much!!!

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