Monday, January 12, 2009

gasp, "Not Me!"

MckMama, from My Charming Kids, has this thing called - Not Me Monday. It is a list of all the embaressing, absurd things that you totally did not do this past week. Except in all reality you really did do them and are even brave enough to tell everyone in your blogworld about it.

She started this so that other moms and women would know they are not alone in taking shortcuts, making mistakes, being gross, and everything else that we tend to keep secret.

I figured it would be fun to join in on, but am not really sure that i'm going to be any good at it. So here is my attempt.... to admit some crazy things i have not done within the past week.

I definetly was not in my bedroom working on something when i heard the fire alarm go off in the kitchen.... and i so was not home alone and forgot that i had a candle burning on the stove. But if it were to ever happen all you do is open all the windows, wave a thick book at the detector so that it will shut up, and say a little prayer of thanks to the Lord that there were no flames. Of course, this never happened.

And i would never be so lazy that i would use the restroom at a friends house and not remove the Dora kid toilet seat. I mean who does that? I did not position my hiney on that tiny seat just right so that i made it in the toilet. Not me.

I also would never admit that i have a fear of having to go number 2 while in the car and there being no restroom in sight. I did not make my friend pull over at a gas station and wait on me for 15 minutes so that i could walk around and work my food down to the place that it was ready to come out. And i definetly did not make her stand alone outside because i didn't want her to hear me going to the potty. Never in my life.

I did not use my blog as an excuse for needing to go to my house while babysitting today. I mean maybe if i needed a break or something.... but no, it didn't happen.

Do you dare admit some of the things you did this week?


-stephanie- said...

my girls have a Dora toilet seat and there is no way I could fit my rear end on it. That's not lazy, positioning yourself on it, that's confidence.
great not me's

Wayne said...

Great not me monday I thought it was very intresting.

Alicia said...

We have Dora seats in our house too. I just like Stephanie cant fit on it! You are talented lol!! Great Not Me's!!!

Marcia Stutes said...

Oooo! I like this game! I may try it myself!