Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Tuesday - January 6th, 2009 (my brother turns 23 today)

Outside my window... the sun is finally starting to break through. It's been raining the past few days, but it's warming up today.

I am thinking... that i really enjoy cooking, cleaning, organizing, and all of that homey stuff. I tend to do it whenever i babysit too. Something about it is fulfilling to me. Do you feel the same way?

I am thankful for... God pursuing my heart. While i was laying in bed the other night i begged Him to pursue me (even though i know that He continually does). I was really down and simply did not know how else to pray about myself anymore. I just wanted a reminder that He loved me and everything was going to be okay. When i woke up the next morning i had a comment from a friend that has commited to pray for me everyday in 2009. He is always pursuing us, we just don't always open our eyes enough to see it. He may be using you to speak to someone today. (It reminds me of that song by Mandisa - God is speaking, "I Love You"!)

From the kitchen... a creme brulee candle is now burning with hopes of soaking up the smell of bacon from lunch. I cooked bacon for Casie and I - she had hers with oatmeal and a piece of toast, I had mine with a bowl of cereal. The counters are cleaned off and the dishwasher is now loaded. I'm waiting to run it after i cook the Caramel Turtle brownies for Brandon's "birthday cake" this evening.

I am wearing... Ouachita Baptist T-shirt, with a yellow cami underneath (purple and gold), blue jeans, tennis shoes, and a pony tail.

I am going... to eat with my family tonight for my brother's birthday. Shogun's is his restaurant of choice. I should probably finish this and go get ready.

I am reading... about a year ago i decided to read the bible completely through. I've never read the entire thing, but really wanted to. I haven't missed a day since i set that goal - although that doesn't mean my mind or heart was always in the right place each morning. I wanted to put Him first in my life and for me it helped by starting each morning with Him. I am now on chapter 28 of Dueteronomy. Whenever i finish that i will have 3 books left and then will (for the first time in my life) have read the entire bible through. I have learned so much more about His word and even developed a passion for it.

Originally for Christmas i wanted a chronological bible because i was interested in the order of when/how things happened. I was so excited a few months ago whenever i realized that these existed, but wanted a different version than my current bible (NIV). I figured i could always look up whatever passage i was reading in my original version. Whenever i went to the store to look they didn't have the translation that i wanted so a friend suggested i get the ESV Study Bible instead. That's exactly what i ended up doing.

Mom got the NIV Choronological Bible for Christmas which is like a crazy blessing. I can look up the selected reading for the day in the front of her Bible and then read it in mine. So with that said - I am finishing my goal of reading the bible completely through and starting to read it in chronological order (the whole in a year deal doesn't matter to me - i just really like the chronological part).

How was that for an "I am reading" answer?

I am hoping... to get everything done before the 16th. I have a deadline for something i'm working on.

I am creating...
i got nothing for you here. A new mindset. How's that?

I am hearing...
the tv, china running around playing with her toy, and some friends laughing and talking.

Around the house... I washed my sheets this morning and they are waiting patiently on my bed. I straightened up the laundry room and have been washing loads all day. Casie and I went to the school to take care of a few things and now are back home hanging out with a few girl friends. Mom, Dad, and Brandon are at work.

One of my favorite things... whenever i feel like i have learned something new through His word and can actually succeed at applying it to my life.

A few plans for the rest of the week... going out to eat with my family tonight, back to picking up the kids from school tomorrow, adult choir, getting ready for school to start on Monday, studying my Sunday School lesson, and around the house things.

A picture thought to share with you...

This was taken at Silver Dollar City inside the Cave. It was cold and dark down there, but felt good compared to the scorching sun.

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Marcia Stutes said...

Oooo...I love the Marvel Cave! :)

Christina said...

Oh, man. I thought someone was actually making creme brulee at your house! That's my favorite! I was going to come on over ;)