Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve Pics

This is pretty much where everyone mingled the whole night... many trips were made back n forth to enjoy "snacks".
I walked around taking pictures of all the conversations taking place.
The children.
We played a game called signs - have you ever played it? Probably not because a friend kind of made it up a few years ago... it's been a hit ever since so we play it whenever we have Game Nights or Parties. One of the rules of the game is that everyone has to have a sign. The mom's thought it would be cute if we took a picture while doing our sign, so here we are....(Megan - peace. Erin - thumbs up. Jordan - neck scratch. Casie - wink. Jordan - hands clapse.)
Megan, Casie, and Erin. (we're only missing Rebecca)
Being goofy...
And o' so attractive!

Erin and Mrs. Karen

Mr. Steve is still enjoying them snacks.
A little more chattin'....
Erin had another party to attend so this is our Goodbye photo.
And now for a little Wii action.
Happy New Year Mom... wake up!
Hello 2009! If you only knew how long it took these people to get their hands to do this. I had to tell them to switch it around because they had it backwards at first.
Happy New Year!

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