Sunday, January 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Sunday - January 11th, 2009.

Outside my window... i can actually see out my bedroom window because the tree is bare from winter. The backyard is calm and quiet - no wind at the moment just shadows from the sun falling on the ground.

I am thinking... that i don't like to wake up. ugh - haha!! Once i get up and moving around i'm good to go, but it seems to take me so long to push myself there. Just woke up from a nap, can you tell?

I am thankful for... new friends - sometimes it's so good to have a random new person come into your life - one that doesn't know anything about you and has no expectations.

O my goodness, i hadn't really thought about it until just now, but can you believe that i have been "out" 3 nights this week? That's like a record for me. I mean, Megan out in public hanging out with a group of people? And get this - they like me - they even laugh at my jokes and think i'm funny!

From the kitchen... i loaded the fridge after lunch this afternoon, but other than that i left the kitchen exactly like it was today. I'm pretty sure the dishwasher needs to be loaded/unloaded, but i'm not ready to do it yet. maybe later... :)

I heard mom talking with another lady at work the other day when i went to visit her for lunch, "my daughter has been doing so good keeping the kitchen clean, the laundry done, and the living room picked up." SCORE! (I'm too scared not to be busy - i don't want to be lazy or ignorant.)

I am wearing...
cream (creme?) cami, brown sweater-ish shirt, blue jeans, hair down - got a nuetral vibe going on today. So like me!

I am going...
to MP3 in bout 5 minutes. Tonight is the first night for the Spring! Time to get excited again!

I am reading... umm not much has changed since last week. I mean does your reading change that much in a week really? I am starting the Can We Talk bible study tomorrow morning (from the freedom of my home - me and the rocking chair have a date tomorrow morning!!) It's not too late to buy a book and contact Cari if you want to join in.

I am hoping...
well i was really hoping to finish this before i left for church, but that's not happening. Guess i'll finish later!

I am creating... a to do list for tomorrow, a song order for our cd, a burnt cd for Lila, and i guess that's about it.

I am hearing...
Barlow Girl playing on my computer. When my computer crashed 2 years ago i thought i lost everything (music, pics, etc), but to my surprise it's still on my computer - well the music is. I found it somehow the other day when i was looking for some file.

Around the house... dad is laid back in the recliner watching tv, mom is working on her AVON on the computer, Casie and I just got home from BK with Becky n Lila, and my brother has not been seen in days. I have no idea when he is coming home - he's a grown man now - that information is not for us to know. :)

One of my favorite things... little children. They make me feel important, special, cool, loved, and so many other things. I talked to Mari on the phone today - she's so funny! Appearently she didn't hear me say goodbye so she waited for like 30 seconds of silence and then said it loud and clear again - BUH BYE!!! I haven't seen her in so long...

A few plans for the rest of the week... Well school starts tomorrow for one - i have a class on Monday evening and the rest are on Tuesday/Thursday. Recording Tuesday night, Adult choir on Wednesday, picking up the kids from school MWF, and yeah... that's about it!

A picture thought to share with you...

Mom and I in New York City - November 2004 - Back in the day when i used to wear make-up galore! O help us! My hair looks so black in this picture... the older i get the more brown it looks.

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