Monday, January 19, 2009

Simple Daybook

***I do not have the button for this Daybook entry. I'm babysitting and i just don't feel right saving it to their computer.... hope that's not breaking the rules.

For Today... Monday, January 19, 2009

Outside my window... the sun is shining and the wind is blowing. The thought of being outside makes me really cold. I've been freezing all day.

I am thinking... that i really wanted to curl up with Katie when i put her down for her nap. I might need a new pillow - i haven't been sleeping well.

I am thankful for... the many women who ask me to keep their kids. They constantly keep me busy.

From the learning rooms... i don't usually do this one, but i figured i would since Cam and I read his AR books a little while ago. He did very well!! He is actually reading this as I type!!!

From the kitchen... LH always keeps her kitchen spotless - as in the countertops never seem cluttered and the sink is never full of dishes. Atleast whenever i keep her kids it isn't. Maybe it's different on other days, but every time i've been here i've never seen her kitchen messy. We had lunch about 2 1/2 hours ago - snack time in about an hour.

I am wearing... black cami, grey DNOW t-shirt, grey thin jacket, black comfy workout capris, tennis shoes, ponytail through my black Nike hat. Grey and Black seems to be the theme for todays outfit!

I am creating... ummm, i never know what to put here. I got all of my school supplies yesterday - yes, color coordinated and everything!! Each binder has a matching spiral and folder - easy to spot in my often messy car!

I am going... to let Cam get on here after i get done with this entry. He really wants to check on Shamu (his webkinz pet). And i promised Katie i would paint her Tee-nails (aka fingernails) as soon as she got up from nap time. Wonder if she'll forget?

I am reading... Can We Talk - Priscilla, finished Deuteronomy and now onto Isaiah, Becoming - DNOW material, and i am thinking about starting a new Francine Rivers book.

I am hoping... well, Cam says 'to have a PS3' .... But i'm not really itchin' for one of those personally. Since i shared my convo last night i guess i'll say i'm hoping to love myself and take care of myself more. No more comparing myself to others, no more trying to impress certain people - just be happy with me!

I am hearing... the fridge humming, my fingers clicking on this keyboard, and Cam whistling next to me as he kicks his feet against my chair. That dude is ready to get on here - i better go!

Around the house... Katie is napping and i think you have heard enough about me and C-man! So far today we have - enjoyed breakfast, played 'hide the Hot Wheels throughout the house', watched a movie, took a quick trip up to ETBU to buy my books, a nice lunch with LH, naptime for K, reading with Cam, Nintendo, and now we are blogging together!

A few plans for the rest of the week... class tonight, DNOW preparation, Homework, picking the kids up from school (because no teachers need a SUB this week), writing my BIO to send in the mail, Choir on Wed., Sunday School and MP3, and i really really need to get my eyebrows done.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... no picture today!! sorry! Go read other Daybooks instead.

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