Sunday, January 4, 2009

I want a pony, daddy...

When i was growing up i always wanted a horse. I had this image of a fence in the back yard, me loving the horse, going out there and riding it. Each year i would ask for one for Christmas, but knew that i would never get one. And of course i did not.
I no longer have a desire for a horse - haven't in a few years. I'm actually very afraid to ride them... more afraid than i thought. They are SO big when you get up close to them and if that thing lands on you.... i'm just saying, you'd be smooshed. Well, yesterday we went to a friends house and rode horses. It just wasn't happening for me. I was so afraid that i got angry with my dad. He always tries to force us to do things when we don't want to. That does NOT work well with me - let me fore warn you. I'm too independent when it comes to learning things. I like to figure them out for myself.

Dad called to see if we wanted to go ride and we each responded with, NO. I would love to go and see the horses, walk around, look at how pretty they are, talk with you about them, take pictures of them, and even marvel at how outstanding you are on the horse.... but me, no thank you, i'm fine! I'm more of a dreamer! I can picture it all in my head - i'm a darn good rider there - but i'm too scared in real life. The dream is enough for me. No need to pressure me to actually attempt something or get over a fear. I'll just hang out over here with my camera and get shots of you guys.

Mom was a natural. She had just taken a shower when dad called to invite us out. "ugh, i just showered. I do not want to ride. I don't want to get dirty. Let's just go out there and see them and please your dad." Umm as soon as we got out of the car she handed me her water and said, "Okay i'll ride!" I knew she couldn't stand it. She had 3 horses of her own growing up. I'm sure the memories came rushing back and she couldn't resist.

Here i am with my camera - you know, just fine and all! They had 5 horses... so while mom was riding i took pictures of the others. I'm sure they were sad they couldn't join in on the fun, so i decided to keep them company. The horse below is 34 years old.

And now she's on her way back. Don't you love her cowgirl attire? Bright pink t-shirt with work out pants.

I would like you to know that i am NOT sitting on the saddle in this next picture. "Oh, he'll be fine, Megan. Just hop right back there on his toosh." uh huh sure. I'm keeping it cool here, looking pretty calm huh? That did NOT last long at all. I could feel that huge monster breathing in and out. They were sure to laugh at me whenever i announced outloud that i didn't like to feel him breathing.

I was too afraid to go alone, i wanted someone with me... bad idea. It's like He was determined to make me face my fears head on for once. :) Right here (below) is when the horse decided he didn't want me on his toosh. He wanted to go back in the stall. He headed straight for the gate, down the little ditch..... you talk about freakin' out. That was enough for me. I announced loud and clear that i was ready to get off. Thank you for the ride, i am now done.

But instead, i decided to give in. I went for it. This is a new year. Let's conquer some things we're afraid of. Let's have fun with something that seems totally frightening. And frightening it was - and even a little fun.... once i got details and figured out how to work the horse. But i made Casey walk infront of me guiding the horse the whole entire way. You aint about to stick me up there and leave me on my own.

This is where he decided to be really funny and let go of my horse and just give all the control over to me. I was not nice to him at that point. We are having a little heart to heart right here in the picture below. Look at Casie - she kind of knows what she's doing. She's far braver than I.

So off she goes with her horse wisdom and talent.... lookin' all cool and calm.

And who won the little "talk" that we had 2 photos back.... NOT ME! You don't play around with me - not with an animal that big. But appearently i wasn't strong enough with my words or something. So here i go trying to look all calm and cool.

And now.... i am done. Do i look scared to death in this picture? Or am i doing pretty good at hiding it? haha!
Dad's a goof ball. He was raising his right arm and doing the whole ropin' thing. He aint right.

Robert went with us - he's a pro. And down below is a picture of him with his son. So adorable!I love this next picture. It is my favorite. I'm not sure why though. I just love the color, the trees in the back ground, the side view....

Casie had so much fun that she had to go back for round number two. And of course she got her Guns up for the Raiders. Too bad they lost.

Here is another picture of my friend. Two years old. Hasn't been ridden by strangers much. He's got a really sensitive mouth. You have to be gentle with him. And you put ME on there? crazy!!! He sure is pretty though. I love horses - i mean looking at them of course!

Buh Bye Buddy! I'll be sure to miss you. Thanks for the ride.