Wednesday, May 14, 2008

and the results are ....

we get to class today... of course Brandon is late, as always... Dr. Johnson read aloud our test grades - EEK! There were quite a few 100's, a 98, 94, and an 89.... o my? no one failed, i was sure i was going to get at the most a B (and Brandon, well that one was up in the air - he was expecting a D, hoping for a C ).... he handed our tests back and i was the 94 !!! yay for making an A, even though number 13 was incomplete... : ) Brandon finally trickled in a few minutes late, making his grand entrance. I smiled so enthused and angled my test where he could see my bright red 94 ... then i leaned over and said "you made an 89." He looked confused then whispered, "how do you know?" to which i responded.... "o because he called all the grades out loud and, that was the lowest one... : ) " hahaha!!! He found it humerous and gave me a high five for passing our first test.

Maybe you'll find this just as hilarious as i did... when we finished our tests Brandon shared with me one of his answers to a certain question.... the question was - "What is convenantal nomism, and participationist eschatalogy? Define these. Who originated these terms? How do they relate to Galatians?"

here was Brandons attempt to answer every question as best he could.... "i think eschatology means, the study of end times... and Galatians talks alot about Christ coming back." Now the reason this is SO funny, is because the ONLY reason he knew what eschatology meant, was because i had defined it for him the night before. AND to write on his paper, as if talking to his teacher, " i think eschatology means...." O poor thing, he thought he was being so smart! : ) we laughed today while flipping through the pages of our exam - underneath this question and brandons beautiful attempt was a big NO. with a period after it.... haha. Brandon smiles and says, "i love making teachers laugh - can't you see him grading this?" o yes brandon, yes i can!!

off to bed i go...

Father thank you for rest... thank you for families and the laughter we share together! Help me to be more confident and try harder to have friendships.... help me to stop being comfortable at where i am, and get out there and be used by you... i need you Father... every day, every second of my life.... i love you!

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