Thursday, May 8, 2008

To Do....

No class on Fridays.... which means since it is Mother's Day most of the college students have gone home for the weekend... i only have one friend that i actually hang out with, so this doesnt change much for me... but still with no classes to attend and no friend to hang out with, i must find something to keep myself busy...

So here i am making a To Do List, which includes things that should have been fulfilled days, weeks, months, some even YEARS ago....

  • clean out my car
  • sale my books back to ETBU
  • clean out the drawers in my bathroom
  • scrubbin' bubbles so many counter tops and a dirty tub
  • go through my horrible bedroom which currently has no visible floor
  • wash clothes

3 weeks ago i got in some kind of crazy mindset and went through the cabinet in me and casie's bathroom... o my goodness - i found things in there from elementary and middle school... that tells you how much junk was just crammed in there... So these drawers in our bathroom that i will be going through tomorrow have not been OPENED or USED in years... it should be VERY interesting to see what i come across.

Father as we approach this weekend, and spend time with our Mothers, flood us with your truth and with memories... Fill our hearts with gratitude and love, help us to give back all that we should to them.... even to the mothers who may not have always been there or loved like they should... help us to step up and love no matter what. Fill our lives with You Father! Light the fire, awaken the passion inside of us to do the right thing. i love you.

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