Thursday, May 22, 2008

pretty pink toes.

Instead of just having Zoey today, i have 3 youngens.... I am watching some kids for a family who is closing on their house this afternoon.

I was very tired this morning and couldn't make myself get up to take a shower... so i slept an hour later, pulled my hair through a cap and went to class disgusting. haha With the 2 hours i have between class and picking up Zoey i plan to eat, shower, paint my toenails, and possibly read if i have time left over. The other day Zo randomly said that she doesnt like red on peoples toenails - i was like why? and she just said, i dont know i just don't like the way it looks.... Note to self: never wear red toe nail polish around this kid! kids can be pretty blunt - atleast you can trust them to be honest with you, when it comes to your looks. haha so today i will be painting my toe nails a pretty pink!

Tonight is Casie's very last choir concert in High School... it's technically called the Choir Banquet and Senior Concert. It's so crazy to me that she is a senior. I can't believe it! I can remember being a senior in high school the same year my sister was a freshman... she was moving up to a new school and we would be together for one year. Now three years later she is about to graduate and go to college... ahh it doesnt seem real! I dont think it's hit me yet that she won't be living at home next year. She got used to me not being here when i moved off to college, then i moved back and we were together again... now she is leaving and i am staying. It's probably going to get lonely up here on this side of the hallway.... although, the bathroom floor should stay clear of piles of clothing. : ) love you casie!

Well i guess i should get going so i can get everything done before 3.

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