Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fancy New Installation....

we have test number 2 in our May Term class tomorrow.... i have attended every class since the previous test, so therefore i do not have to rely on Brandon for any answers :) ha! I am a little more nervous about this one though. Church softball started last night, so we went to Brandon's first game. They won - atleast i think they did... i tend to lose count of the score. I just go for support, you know?! haha! yeah!

I'm so glad that it is finally starting to warm up and stay warm! i love the summer! Although my fan in my bedroom has been messed up for a few months now (which means the nights can get pretty hot).... Dad is currently in there putting up my new fan - it comes with a remote control... yes folks, i don't even have to get out of bed to control that rig! There are many buttons here on this fancy remote - high medium or low settings for the fan, and the option of dimming the lights(not that this part should EVER be used, o but just incase you need it.. it's there)! laziness should increase...

The Bachelorette started last night... this show CRACKS ME UP!!! watching people so desperately try to win attention and prove that they are the one to choose for marraige... people will do anything on this show - it's sad. Just be your stinkin self!!!

Anyways, i guess i am off to make my study guide for my test tomorrow... dad just walked in and said i should go check out my room... so go i must! Have a great day!

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