Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up Late...

Well i'm studying for my final at 10 in the morning.... We had our choir banquet tonight at church, and on the way home realized that i had yet to even start looking at my study guide for this test. Totally on a one track mind tonight... focusing on the banquet and not thinking about anything else. So here i am, trying to study.

I got to thinking tonight how much i have enjoyed being in choir. Not even just the singing part, but being with everyone involved. It's as though everyone goes about their day, whatever issues they have at work, home, school, whatever the case may be... they leave that at the door, they come in, join in the conversations with everyone around them, laugh or hug, and then we get to relax and lift our voices up to the Lord together. I always look forward to Wednesday nights.... I am reminded so often of the pain in peoples lives that we dont see... we dont have a clue what people are going through, yet we can come together not even realizing it and lift each other up.. just by being together. I have truly benefited from being apart of the choir, and i can't wait until August when it starts again.

Thank you Father for wednesday nights, and being able to be with the choir... i have enjoyed the fellowship and just simply being around these people... continue to draw me near to you and make me into the Woman that you want me to be... Transform me on the inside, renew my mind... i want to be in awe of You, at a loss for words... i love You.

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