Saturday, May 31, 2008

perfect night for...

me and my sister got drafted into running errands for mom today.... as we were pulling up after completing her errands, she is meeting us in the driveway on foot. She walks up to my car as i roll down the window and turns her head sideways as she says, "i know yall are tired of running errands for me, but i have one more!" haha!! Yes sweet mother, what is it? So off we go... headed to the church to get the music for tomorrow morning so she can practice beforehand. China, our dog, sat there on the drivers side of my car with those sad little eyes begging to come along for a ride... she gladly hopped in and took her place on the window with her head hanging out.

The second time we pull up in the driveway (for good) my sister says, "you know what i feel like doing tonight that i havent done in years? .... jumping on the trampoline!" well - go for it chica, but that's not really what i had in mind.. haha for me tonight was just the perfect weather to swim. You don't swim much at night, but every now and then the weather is just perfect and the sound of the frogs and crickets just make it so peaceful. Except for there is one problem here - the pool is still covered... crazy enough, mom was thinking the same thing about the weather and wanting to swim... but that will have to hold off until next Saturday! The pool guys are coming this week!! YAY!

So we went back a few years, and had a little sister time on the trampoline. Jumping, laughing, telling stories of our childhood, and enjoying the nice weather. I love moments and days like these.

Be with our hearts Father... change our sinful ways and desires... help us to embrace the beautiful moments and the things that are truly important, like family... i love You!

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