Monday, May 26, 2008


well it's the last week of May Term... this class actually has a travel part to it, but not all of us are going. Those of us who aren't attending the trip have an extra paper to write while the others are gone. We have 3 days of class left - 2 of which will be lectures, and the last (Thursday) being the Final Exam. It seems like we just started yesterday, but i guess in a sense, we DID! It's only been 4 short weeks...

Mom and dad were busy on their day off repainting the back deck... it's been a few years since it's been painted, so the sun had faded it a little bit. Tomorrow everyone is back to work, school, and their usual schedules.

Zoey and Levi's last day of school is Friday, so Monday my summer babysitting job will 'technically' start.... very very very stressed about this.

i have been feeling like i'm growing so much, trying to find myself in Christ and let go of a lot of things... this weekend kind of pulled me down some. i dont know why, but i just feel like i'm back at where i started... totally confused on a lot of levels. Maybe it's the time of month.... who knows?

Anyways - i just don't really have anything encouraging or wise to say tonight... so i'm off to talk with my Father in Heaven... i need Him now!

I love You, Father... and i need you in my life... to give clarity on a lot of issues... to mold me into the woman that you want me to be... I need victory on so many levels in my life God... and You are the only One who can do that... Please draw near to me Father... i'm desperate for You... Carry us tomorrow through our day... may we give our all in every situation we come across and put others before ourselves... open our eyes to see You and the opportunities You give us tomorrow.... Thank You for another day on Your Earth!

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