Tuesday, June 17, 2008

break my heart.

We had a church softball game last night, as i was sitting there i looked over and noticed this homeless guy. He is always there, someone said he even sleeps on the benches. I've noticed him at all the other games, he will stand behind the dugout and smile and laugh with our guys... it's as if he feels like he's apart of the company! It made me smile one night, to see him laughing!

Last night he walked up to one of our players and asked if he could have some water. The guy said yes, but then realized that we didn't have any cups.... The homeless man immediately stuck his head into the trashcan, digging for something to drink out of. I got my mom's attention and was like mom mom i can't take this.... i turned back and continued to watch him! My heart was breaking so bad i was about to cry, but i stopped the tears. Those kinds of things get to me.... we take for granted the things that we have all too often. This man was completely unashamed and not embaressed... i mean i guess he had no other choice, but still. He found a cup, my brother rinsed it out, then filled it to the top! I looked over to see what he was doing later on and he had pulled 2 nickles out of his pocket and was starring at them like he had found a treasure! I notice these people walking down the street all the time while i'm driving in my air conditioned car, going places that they were probably not even welcomed. There is one lady who walks on campus ALL the time, i started making a point everytime i saw her to wave and smile! One day as i was walking to my May term class i passed her... actually on FOOT! I got nervous and was afraid to say anything, but remembered Whom i was living for! The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' (Matthew 25:40) As i got closer to her, i smiled and asked her how she was doing. She smiled, and said Fine, thanks for asking! It's the moments in life when you are completely nervous and afraid, but your heart knows it's the right thing to do...it's like you're on this thrill ride to be apart of something! I LOVE IT!

I pray for a heart that is genuine, that loves people, and that cares enough to do whatever it takes... i want to truly truly love and care about EVERYONE! I want my heart to break! I want it to be real! I saw this same guy tonight at the game... he was sitting on the bench watching some guys play basketball! You know it probably makes his day just to be around people! We should take this situation with him and be grateful for ALL that we have, even down to the family and friends in our lives! We should be unashamed to admit when we need help! Even though our circumstances may be different than his... it takes courage to admit to others when you are struggling with something and need help, prayer, guidance. And we should LOVE! Even when it's hard!

Love you all!

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