Friday, June 20, 2008

Wore Out! And Worth It!

Well the boys went on the Annual Church Golf Tournament so it's just the girls at home, and actually Casie is still house sitting so it's really just me and mom! Let me just say i am exhausted!!!! I didn't realize how bad out of shape i was... I guess i haven't really been doing motions continually for 3 hours a day since i was in Cheerleading. It's finally hitting my body today. WHOO! We went to walmart tonight and i thought i was going to fall out on the floor.

So i actually had to teach a song today in VBS! I'm talking i had to stand up IN FRONT, be the leader, and TALK! TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I guess you can say i lack confidence in the whole stepping up area. It's like i see all these people older than me who know so much better than I, or who are qualified in this area and i'm like, "you want me to teach, infront of them? OOO no!" I've just never saw my personality as the teacher type... that's one of the reasons i dropped the whole music major deal. But i sat on the front pew of the church, thanked God for the opportunity and asked Him to carry me through it. What is odd is that last night as i was praying it's like i saw this happening... Is that possible? It's like it almost prepared me for it this morning when i walked in and Ricky gave me the news that i was in control! I think it went alright!

Well Cari just called, gotta go do some searching da web for muh friend! Have a great weekend! Love you all!

Thank you for this week Father, and for carrying me through this morning, it's been so fun! It's been so awesome to see the kids smile each day! I pray for cari and the kids as they travel home, keep them safe and cari awake/alert! Thankyou for the weekend and for rest again! Help me to love, take my heart Father! Make it Yours! Thank you for changing my life!!! Help me to surrender even more! May my satisfaction be in knowing you! I love you!

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