Thursday, June 26, 2008


a friend, mother, and wife, whom i look up to very dearly, posted an entry yesterday on the Proverbs 31 passage... We had a conversation on the phone the other day about what she had been learning in a bible study group she is in.

This passage is not about the wife of noble accomplishments, but the wife of noble character.

It's not about all the things she can do or provide for you, it's who she is! That's what i want for myself and my family. That's exactly what i have been praying for God to do in my life and heart! It's not as if i read it thinking, 'i have to get up early, be excited and ready to work and provide for my family... ' I was thinking this woman loved what she was doing! She enjoyed being a wife and mother! She loved serving her family and was ready at any moment for the opportunity to be there! And she did it with ALL her heart! Not because it was her task! That's where i want my heart to be! I saw everything that i was involved with and i was completely unhappy... it's like i kept searching for God to show me where He wanted me, why He had created me and then i'd be happy... i was SO wrong! My heart was in the wrong place. He had me exactly where He wanted me, and i was missing Him because i was trying to search for something better! (when it doesn't exist) Whenever i have a family of my own i want my kids to see who i am, to see how i conduct myself, see my attitude towards the things that i do, to see me praying, to see me worshiping the Lord.... and that's what i want them to take away. I want to spend time with them, love them, pray with them, teach them what it means to LIVE for the Lord in EVERYTHING that we do! I want them to be excited about life! And i want to be that example! Not because of anything that i'm doing, but the attitude and heart behind what i am doing!

It's as if the people at work see you working, never complaining, never giving up... but completely giving your all, smiling and loving on every person that comes your way! They don't think man she is GOOD at typing and filing - they think she never once groans or tries to take the easy way out... she works with all her heart! That's how i want my family to see me! Mom did everything with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength! (ever notice the order of the things listed in that verse? our heart is the first.... it must begin there)

These are my thoughts! It's been on my mind for months, and then she brought it up also!!! Maybe God wants to get our attention!

You should read Cari's blog! I couldn't have said it any better than her... It's an eye-opener!

Thank you for Cari Father! Thank you for her wisdom and her ability to admit things openly! Be with her and her family! Give her a sincere heart to serve You by serving her children! Be with her in every single task that she has... wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, everything! Help us all to have genuine hearts that show our love for you in everything that we are doing! Not because of what we do, but because of you! I love you!

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