Friday, June 6, 2008

missing you....

My dad's parents got here yesterday - Mama Billie and Papa Bill - we went to the Baccalaurette service for the class of 2008 and then came home and spent some time visiting. Tonight is graduation and more family should be arriving within the hour. We go from having 5 in one house to 10... We've had to make some adjustments on the sleeping arrangements. Tonight i will be sleeping on an air matress or moving out to the camper in the garage. I tend to take about 3 potty breaks in the middle of the night, so i'm thinking i'm going to rough it on an air matress inside, that way the bathroom is still close by.

This morning me, casie, and Mama Billie were sitting at the table talking about different things... with it being graduation time, casie is getting loads of cards, and gifts... One of my mom's old best friend's moved away when we were younger and we haven't seen her in years... but casie was telling me how she sent her an invitation to graduation... appearently, even though she's an adult she has a facebook account... she sent casie a message amazed at how much she looked like our mother in her senior picture that came along with her invitation. This was the next conversation that got brought up - we begin to talk about who we each looked like. Mama Billie looked at me and goes, Megan who do you look like? What do people normally tell you? haha!!! that's it right there.... most people say THAT! Hm megan, where did you come from? Most people say i'm the child who has the most Kilgore qualities, but the thing i get the most from people is, o my goodness you look so much like Billie - my mothers mom! (now you have to pay close attention to the names here - Mama Billie is my dad's mom... Grandma Billie Deen is my mothers mom... weird that they're both Billies, but didn't want you getting confused!) The thing is, she's not around anymore... so some people never see where the traits come from. My grandmother died when my mother was a freshman in college, just 19 years old. So my Mama Billie started telling us stories about her... we don't get to hear much about her! Mom really doesn't bring it up much, and i think as children, we don't want to push it. Mama Billie made the comment, i'm sure your mom's told you this about your grandmother and uncle... and sadly i was like no, she hasn't... can you tell us some stories, please? My heart was sad this morning... Not only did we never get to meet our grandmother, but my mom's brother died 3 years after their mother's death. Appearently my brother (brandon) is him completely made over - he looks just like the pictures of Uncle Randy... and we can only go by those who knew him, to believe that his goofy qualities come from him. Mom always told us that he would be the uncle who would take us to do ANYTHING, he would have been the fun cool uncle. I miss him! and i miss the wonderful lady whom i supposedly look exactly like! We can only know so much about them and their lives, through stories shared from others who spent time with them. And today was one of those days- we spent a few minutes with my dear servant like Mama Billie, who through her tears, relived moments that she spent with Uncle Randy and Grandma Billie Deen.... one day, we'll meet, and i can't wait!

When looking at picture's it's so easy to see the resemblence.... I can look at my mothers pictures and see casie, they look so much alike, it's like twins! and sometimes you even forget, is this casie or mom in this picture? When looking at Uncle Randy i can see brandon's bright blue eyes, his big dimples, blonde hair... And when looking at Grandma Billie Deen, i can see my thick dark eye brows, my dark brown eyes, my black/brown hair and i can see where my height comes from :) haha! I can't wait to meet you, i love yall!

I need to scoot on... as i type i can see the bed next to me, completely NOT made up... family will be arriving, and should be expecting a tidy house! I will try to load some pictures of Uncle Randy and Grandma Billie Deen, so that you can see them! Have a wonderful day and may the Lord open our eyes to cherish EVERY single moment spent with our family....and EVERY single querky trait that we inherit from our family members... Love You!

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