Saturday, June 28, 2008


I came across the Living Proof Ministries blog with Beth Moore and her daughters Thursday night. I added their link to my sidebar along with the other bloggers i like. It was like finding a treasure, haha! I really like Beth's wisdom! Sometimes she can be so routine with her phrases, but you can't help but see the Lord through her studies. I looked over the titles of some of their older post on the archive, and decided to read some that caught my eye. It makes me sick how easily they can make their thoughts flow, it's so smooth... it just seems as if i get on here and it gets all jumbled up. I'll read back over mine and i'm like ugh, i stink at this. O well though! Most of the time i post for myself, because it helps to let things out!

I got to spend a few hours with Cari and the girls last night! It always makes my day! They are the most loving kids! Everytime you see them you feel welcomed... they want to hug you and will spend hours asking you questions over and over. I enjoy their acceptance and love! Even though they're just kids, they probably don't realize how much it means to me and touches my heart!

Well i'm going to spend the day with my mom, shopping and what not! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

May i pray for you?

Lord i come to you now lifting up whomever is reading this blog. I pray for their day, the one they are currently going through. I pray for their eyes, ears, hearts to be open to take all of You in. You know each of our circumstances, struggles, victories, things that we are going through and so i lift those up to you right now! Thank you for Life! Show us who You are in a new way today! Help us not to miss it! I love You!

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CDJ said...

You did a great job at the game. Thanks for inviting us. Plus on girlie time! Thanks for the LPM link.