Wednesday, June 4, 2008

lots of sunshine - needing a nap.

i am helping lead music for VBS again this year.... i had to go up to the church to pick up my music so i could listen to it and begin learning the motions to the songs. And since Zoey and Levi live on the backroad to the church, not even a mile away, i decided we should take an adventure. I gave them 2 options... we could take my car, and bring along the scooters to ride in the smooth parking lot - or they could ride their bikes while i walk, then we could stay for a while and let them ride their bikes in the parking lot... they wanted both - haha. SO i got in my car, with the scooters and they rode their bikes infront of my car while i went about 2 miles an hour down the street... haha We got my music material, then we headed to the back of the church and stayed for an hour riding bikes AND scooters. They had a blast! I was actually laughing at them... i wish i would have had my camera and gotten a video of Zoey coming down the huge hill... she was screaming at the top of her lungs - it was hilarious! After that we very spontaneously decided to go eat at Cici's... Then we headed home - I made Levi write his name 5 times, then we caked on some sun screen and walked around the block so Levi could ride his bike some more. I could tell Zoey was lovin helping me learn the motions to the songs (SH don't tell anyone... she'll be ahead.) We were acting so goofy, but i'm so glad because i've had a hard time learning how to read her! But today was good one on one! We did vbs music for about 45 minutes, then levi and zoey played XBOX... That was our day! The pool people came by today to shock and clean it - so maybe by Friday, swimming will be apart of our routine and it will give us more things to do! Today we had WAY too much video game time - and Levi needed a NAP! The whining was just about to hit my last nerve... Anyways!

My mind is very anxious today.... i feel stuck, but i'm not sure why, and i don't know how to get out. But i'm going to continue to pray, and Wait on the Lord!

I hope you had a fantastic day! The sunshine is PERFECT!

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