Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cloudy day...

a big storm came through last night.... i sat upstairs in the media room without the tv or anything on. The thunder seemed so loud, it was echoing. Each time i saw the huge flash of lightning come through the blinds, i would lift my shoulders up and wait for the huge boom. It just seemed to rumble extra loud last night, but something about it was so peaceful. To think that the Lord planned each thunder storm, the literal ones, and the physical ones we go through in our lives. It was just so neat to sit there and listen!

The paper is due today.... I'm SO DONE!!! yay! haha anxiety was pretty high yesterday. Everytime i do a paper, i have to go over it like 20 times in my head to make sure that i answered the exact question that was asked and covered ALL the bases and requirements... i finally just gave it up and was like you know what Megan - it's going to be okay!! AHH i'm just super glad that it's done.

I'm taking the kids to see a movie today, since it's gloomy outside. It should be interesting to see how our first experience at the theater goes... hm?

Well, i've gotta go finish getting ready so we can get lunch done, then head to the show! Have a super day!

Father i need you today.... i'm tired, physically and mentally. Please break through all of my walls and everything that is going on in my life... Open my eyes to see you and experience you EVERYDAY! I want to see you for who you are, and experience the intimacy of a relationship with you. Please God! Thank You for today... may i give my all, and live for you! Love - me.

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