Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool Time!

We decided to have a photo shoot of our time in the pool this afternoon... you will NOT be seeing me in any of these pictures! Here are the kids! Zoey and Levi!!!

Little Levi! It's amazing i even got a picture of him! He told me to tell you hello! He LOVES jumping on this tube and trying to stand without falling over.

Their favorite thing to do is jump onto the big yellow float and glide across the water. They fight over it constantly. This would be them in action!

This is Zoey sitting in the pink chair floaty! She has on her favorite swimsuit! We worked on her backflip today and she eventually did one all by herself! Yay Zoey!

Look at that Love!!

It only lasted for a moment.... Levi is spitting on Zoey and me... gotta cut it short!

The End!

Zoey and Levi wanted to title this entry.... so pool time it is!

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