Wednesday, June 25, 2008

nappy nappy!

I found these pictures while flipping through one of our family photo albums! I died laughing whenever i saw the first 2 pictures you are about to view!

This picture was taken probably around age 4 or so? I fell asleep in the rocking chair... look at how funny i look! What is so hilarious is the NEXT picture!
Now, a few years later...

In the SAME exact chair, SAME exact position, it even looks like my clothes are almost exactly the same! Is that not funny? Excuse whatever filth is all over my clothes and face... there's a coloring page and a pencil(?) in my hand - maybe i wrote on myself? What is ironic is that i still sleep in the chairs like this! Just ask Cari! We were at her house Sunday afternoon and i fell asleep watching the movie, in this same position! Curled up into a ball sideways in the chair! Some things we just never grow out of i guess! :)

This next picture i just post for fun!! Since this seems to be the NAP picture blog, i felt this one was appropriate! Don't mind the freaky doll face planted into the dirt in the back ground... i'm not too sure what that's about! I learned to sit in the swing like this whenever mom or dad was too busy to push me. My feet could reach the ground and i could do it myself! Obviously i got tired and decided to take a little nappy... i just rocked myself to sleep! haha! And appearently mom thought it was neccesary to get on camera!

O and one more thing! Did you notice that my hair style NEVER changed! Sad day! Whenever i was old enough to decide on my own, i had LONG hair for many years! :)

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CDJ said...

These are precious! You ARE a nappy girl, aren't ya? Thanks for sharing....very cute.