Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday!

Hold on to your hats people!!!! I cooked supper tonight! (yes, Cari, I DID!) All by myself too! Mom called this afternoon and asked if i could go to the store to get stuff for supper. She had to meet with the guy who is leading worship at church on Sunday and said she would be in a hurry and wouldn't have time to pick it up and cook. Me and Zoey went to Walmart after finishing some girl time errands and had a blast going down the aisles! I got off work at 4 and decided, 'why not just surprise mom and make supper?' Thing is - i've ONLY cooked once in my entire life, and that was 3 years ago, AND my mom was there helping me the whole way. I had faith today though! I knew i could do it, mom just never believed in me. I made dorito caserole!!! and i didn't burn it!!! Brandon even had TWO huge helpings! I was very proud of myself! I didn't even look at the recipe, it was ALL in my memory! Did i ever tell you the story about psychology and the memory test?

I'll tell it anyways...

We were on the topic of memory in my psychology class this past semester. Short term and Long term Memory! He did this little test with us just to see if the results matched the typical studies found. Most people can remember 7 numbers.... (which is probably why phone numbers are 7 digits) The teacher called out 6 numbers and then as soon as he was finished listing all 6 of them, we were to immediately write them out. Afterwards, he would recite them to see if our paper/answers matched the numbers he called. Everyone in the class got 6 numbers - then we moved up to 7... still the whole class. Then he said, "watch the difference when we add just ONE number, there will be a huge drop off." He called out 8 numbers.... we all rushed to write down the numbers. He recalled them to us and asked for a show of hands for those who could remember all 8 numbers in the exact order... There were 3 of us - us, me being included! Out of the whole class. The reason i tell this story is because i'm realizing the gifts the Lord has given me! I think it's so important because it opens your eyes to alot of things. I am a very observant person, and could tell you exactly how a situation went down with almost every detail completely accurate. I can read a book, or study for a test, and recite back to you word for word what is on the page... i can even tell you where the sentence is located on the page, right or left, top or bottom. I can read my bible and then remember reading something, flip through and know what area of the page the verse will be on. I can learn a verse, song, dance, motions and within minutes be able to perform them for you without looking. I can also remember what has happened to you, wether it be devastating or completely amazing! You could tell me your grocery list and i will go to the store and come home with everything on your list. I could list things over and over, but i'm not doing this to boast. I say all of this because i'm growing in my relationship with the Lord and it's bringing me so much excitement to understand and realize certain things... I just feel like i am learning alot. We are given gifts for a reason... to glorify God. Along with those gifts can come weaknesses... like the fact that sometimes having such a good memory i have a really hard time forgiving myself, or moving on from the past. Things seem to get stuck! But through our weaknesses the Lord's strength is proved perfect! When i am weak, then i am strong, God's grace is sufficient to carry me on! (Cedars) I've been thinking alot about this whole memory thing and how i can take that and use it for God's glory. Life is beautiful - with the Lord! It's absolutely beautiful! May we all seek the Lord for Him to reveal to us where He has gifted us and be excited about it! Go out and use that to glorify Him! And may we bring our weaknesses to Him so that He can shine through us!

I heard the kitchen door open, feet crossing the room, the purse landing on the counter, and waited for her reaction!!! She turned the corner into the living room, squinted her eyes, tilted her head, and said, "did you? cook supper? the whole thing?" 'yes' "you mean i don't have to do anything? it's ALL the way done?" 'yes' "o my goodness, I LOVE IT! I come home from work and don't have to worry about a thing!" that any favor you do will be spontaneous and not forced. Philemon 1:14

Spontaneous acts are the most fun! No one asks you to do anything, you do it because you want to do it, sincerely. Don't you enjoy doing something without being asked to do it? I sure do! It means more! I'm so glad i could make my mothers day today!! I love to see her happy!

Thank you for this day Father! I want to be apart of Your work, i want to find delight in doing Your will! Open me up and reveal to me the things that don't need to be there... bring up the things that do, so that i may glorify You! Change me, take this heart of mine and make it genuine. Help me to love, truly truly love! I'm seeking You Father, reveal Yourself to me... please! I love you!

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