Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is the conversation that took place this morning through text messages...

Brandon: 'i made an A in our class.'
Me, thinking: seriously? he made an A? he had a B going into the final, and i pretty much wrote his paper.... i better have made an A... i had all A's going into this thing... i carried him through this class.. ooooo i will be so angry if he did better than me, i made all the study guides, i attended all the classes, i helped him write his paper..... mmm.
Megan: 'he already posted them?'
Brandon: 'Yeah. see what u made! HEE!'
Megan: 'i'm not around a computer, i'm at the library.'
Brandon: 'O ok :) BRIGGID!'

If you are caught off guard by the weird language that my brother uses.... that's normal! He likes to make up his own words, and create meanings for all of them!

After we left the libray, part of me was wanting to be selfish and drag the kids to my house, just so i could check my grade. I let the urge pass on by though... i held off until 2 when i got off of work. I get home, go straight for the computer, sign into my school account, click on May term, check grades, and this is what i see -

Final Grade: NG

i believe my heart stopped beating.... the only thing i can see that standing for is, no grade. which means either he hasn't posted mine yet, or the dreadful warning that he gave us at the beginning of the semester has come true for me. he said if you plagerized you would automatically FAIL the course... he even warned us of a student last semester whom he asked to drop the course because he just couldn't leave him with an F on his transcript.... so i'm thinking.... what if i forgot to cite one of my quotes, what if i left out a footnote on my paper.... what if, what if? AHH! and he is just being so nice, he's just gonna leave me with a NG instead of an F... o my goodness!

I send Brandon a message back...

Megan: 'mine says NG.'
Brandon: 'O really! MINE TOO LOL! GOTCHA! BRIGGID!'
Megan: 'you are gay.... i was wondering how it was posted that fast. and umm you getting an A?'
Brandon: 'lol BRIGGID!'

I'm so glad that he can take my blunt honesty.... he knows i saved his toosh in that class. and not only that class, but ALL the others that we some how end up enrolling in together. Each semester we have atleast one class together, and it's not even planned. We just walk in, look at each other, and shake our heads. Here we go again!!! His girlfriend always makes fun of him because every class he has ever been in, he's had a friend to help him with the answers for study guides - it's either me, stacy, james, or he makes a buddy! Stacy told him that next semester she was going to be the one to ride in the shade and he could do all the work.... i looked at her and was like umm YEAH, you'll fail! She looked at me and smiled and said, "no actually, it will just be you carrying both of us next semester! haha" I quickly said, "and what if one test i just decide the night before to not do anything? Just get yall back for relying on me all the time." Brandon goes, "yeah, i'll get the answers from you in the morning!" Too bad he's right!!! You know i aint ever going to rely on anyone to find the answers for me, especially not him... i'm too paranoid.... anxiety driven! haha! anyways, i give you credit Brandon, you got me today! Totally got me - i was just about to have a nervous break down....

So the reading club - YEAH! Didn't go over so well! Poor workers! I will have to tell you that story another day!

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