Saturday, June 7, 2008

Erin - Japan

The video below is of a very close family friend of my named Erin. It's of a goofy moment Easter of 2007 - she can talk completely clear with her mouth CLOSED - i think it's funny, so listen carefully!!! She just graduated from high school, last night actually, and will be going on to college in the Fall. But before she starts school again, she is taking a mission trip to Japan this summer... for 2 months. I post this blog and dedicate it to her, because she is leaving tomorrow - and would love for your prayers! This will be her 3rd trip to Japan... everytime she goes, she comes back with her heart longing for more. I remember the very first summer that she felt the Lord calling her to Japan... She knew money was going to be an issue, but that if it was God's Will it was going to come from somewhere. The thing she was more worried about was what her parents would think and how they would react. I remember her parents being hesitant and kind of not really knowing how serious Erin was, or what would come of it... but Erin never let it go. She trusted in the Lord and knew in her heart this is where she was going to spend her summer. I've known Erin since she was born, although i don't quite remember back THAT far.. haha our families grew up together and have taken many many many vacations together over the years! Her faith and the life she lives amazes me.... i guess because when i look at her and see who she was in high school, i see who i wanted to be. She is becoming an awesome Woman of God and i can't wait to see what God teaches her not only through this summer with her Japan experience, but with College! I love you Erin! We are praying for you and can't wait to hear from you! Have fun!

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Rebecca said...

That is absolutely hilarious. She needs to enter a talent contest.

WOW! To go to China three times...I admire people like that. God will use her in mighty ways.