Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update! Update!

Vacation Bible School starts on Monday! Today was decoration day at the church.... everyone was there decorating their classrooms! It gets so exciting to see everything up, it gets you into the mood of VBS! I'm looking forward to this week, it's always so fun to me!

UPDATE! Erin made it to Japan! She has been there for 2 days! I haven't talked to her or anything, but her sister told us that she called and told them she made it! I got on the list to get an email from her with updates on how things are going! I will post some of those whenever the time comes!

I have to babysit at the church tonight, i'm not sure what for though! I don't know what kids i will have, usually if i know the event i can think about what kids are coming.... but she never told me what it was for! With all the vbs decorations up we will have to find something to do that won't mess everything up. I'm not good at planning! :/ I guess we'll just have to see how it goes!

Father i come to you now, thanking you for this opportunity to serve tonight, to be with kids. Help me to have patience and to love them. Help me to give it my all, and to make it fun for them! I need you Father... i need your clarity, your light, your truth.... I'm crying out to you! Please show me Your face! I love you!

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