Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sun, Shopping, Shoes

Mom, Casie, and I decided we were WAY to incredibly white for it being the end of June, so we decided we would all lay out today! We spent about 2 1/2 hours in the pool! Hadn't done that altogether in a while! Casie had already made plans for the night, so mom and i decided to head over to Longview and do a little shopping. She was looking for a shirt to go with a skirt she has had for a while, and i was looking for some accompaniment tracks. Books-a-Million was having a One Day Sale today, so of course we just HAD to stop there. I was talking to Cari last night and she mentioned that it was an awful tease for them to send her that brochure when she aint be gotten the time to come and get more books! We eached mentioned that we are currently in the middle of tons of books at once.... and still need to finish those before we buy more! I didn't hold up on my end of the deal though! I bought 2 new books today! Everytime i go into that store i don't want to leave.... i just keep passing stuff and oooing and awwing! It's like okay let's go now and then i'll start to walk and my eye will get stopped on another book and i just HAVE to stop and read the cover. I need to learn some discipline and self control i guess... haha! I bought another one of Rivers' books because i finished the last one in 5 days, and i also bought another book titled, 'When God Pursues a Woman's Heart.' It's about realizing how much God truly loves you and wants to fulfill all the desires inside your heart, how He pursues us as Women and how we were created... In the opening passage she talks about how so many women are use to medication, treatment, or something that they can FEEL, that they no longer know how to sense God personally. (raise my hand) I am guilty of this in every single area of my life! I remember last summer when i was a sponsor at youth camp, one of the Junior High girls came up to me talking about how she couldn't feel God.... she saw all these other people experiencing Him and she even remembered a time before when she completely FELT Him and she hadnt felt it in a long time. I explained to her if she based her relationship with God on a feeling then she was going to miss Him in so many areas... There are going to be moments when we can feel His presence or what not, but alot of the time it's about Faith and Trust. If we expect to feel Him all the time we are going to miss Him and miss opportunities! It's so easy to know the Truth, especially when you've heard it your whole life, but how do you teach someone to discern the voice of God, to truly know Him, to allow that Truth to actually change you and not just the people around you? Anyways, we'll see how this book goes!

I'm totally a shoe person!!! I was so into shoes that it got to the point where mom told me i had to throw away a pair each time i bought a new one! (that NEVER happened) When i was going off to college i could NOT narrow my shoes down, so i had to take them all! I had this humongous bag which somehow amazingly all my shoes fit into! I got rid of a bunch of them within the past year and actually haven't bought any in a while. I used to buy them everytime i went shopping, but honestly i have gotten to the point to where i won't buy anything unless i KNOW that i have something to wear with it. My mom tends to still think that i have a shoe feddish, but i really don't.... gotten a little wiser i guess you can say! Tonight was a different story though! I bought 3 pairs of shoes tonight.... I KNOW I KNOW! tisk tisk! The great thing is they were each under 10 dollars, i just couldn't pass up the offer! I told my mom it was a reward for not buying shoes in a long time! haha! she laughed!

Well i need to head to bed! i think my dad finally got his computer fixed, so tomorrow i'm going to try and scan some pictures!!! I have some funny ones to show! (well i think they're funny, maybe you won't... o well!) Goodnight folks!


Rebecca said...

Tim laughs at me all the time because I, too, am a shoe person. Our girls have so many shoes it's pathetic. But we women can't pass up good bargains, can we? No that would be completely wrong.

Have a great week. Love the new design.

Megan said...

i know .. i'm feeling you on that!

I'm so bad with shoes, i have almost every color tennis shoe you could ask for! LITERALLY! haha i even had pink ones at one time, but hardly ever wore them so i gave them away. i'm not so much a pink girl!

My feet are tiny though, so i can fit into some of the kids shoes and they're cheaper! Although sometimes that means i might have to settle for velcro instead of shoe strings! haha!!!