Friday, July 25, 2008


Acrobats of China - We went to the Shangai Circus with the Acrobats of China last night for our Thursday Evening show. Those people are stinkin flexible and strong... O My Goodness! As we were getting in the car i announced that we should all go back to the camper and stretch. They make you feel SO out of shape. As i was watching the show i was amazed at how fast they were moving from thing to the next and how simple it looked for them. I started thinking in my mind how it should relate to life and the difficult times that we go through. You can clearly see that what they are doing is extremely hard and takes a LOT of focus and strength... the same with the valleys, struggles, and difficult times in our lives. People are going to be able to tell what you are going through is flat out difficult, but will they see how you handle the situation and wonder how you are getting through it so easily? Christ is our strength and if we learn from the past... we will be able to conquer everything that comes our way... Even thing stunts that look nearly impossible! Everything is possible through Him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13 OKAY so it seemed to make more sense in my mind - maybe you can think through that yourself.

Birds Bathing - This afternoon i was sitting in the swing talking to God... lifting up my worries, thoughts, frustrations, fears, everything in my life. As i was sitting there a bird came and stood in the little stream of water running down the center of this area of woods. It started sticking its face down in the water and shaking his head. I mean i guess Birds takes baths too right? Never really thought about it... or maybe he was playing? Whatever it was doing, i found it beautiful! Sitting there splashing around in the water, shaking his head, sticking its beak in and out of the water, flapping his feathers - I believe there are moments when God is showing us Himself in a new way... even if it's completely simple like this tiny bird in the stream! I want my eyes to be open to whatever way He chooses to show Himself to me!

Cherished Moments - Beck and I returned to the camper this morning from the Bath-house... as we were walking up we noticed our Mom's laying in the hammock. NO not the same one! haha! Each family has their own! Although smarty pants (william) decided to hook them up to the same tree! It kind of looked like a 'V'... they were tied to the same tree on one end and hooked to seperate trees on the other. The tree at the point - which both hammocks were sharing was NOT very sterdy looking to me. Anytime anyone got on there it would rock back and forth... that just wasn't looking too appealing to me! I had refused to get on the hammock all week, out of complete fear of it falling or the tree breaking. Oh and i forgot to mention, there are tons of trees here which is a good thing, but there are so many it's hard to find a clear spot to place the hammock. We had to put it over the driveway - yes, CONCRETE! So that there was enough space for them to swing without hitting any other trees around. That was another reason i wasn't feeling getting on that rig... that's a broken tail bone waiting to happen right there! Long story getting longer - Beck and I decided to climb up with our moms and sit for a second before we had to go inside.

Rhonda : "We were just talking about how we needed to get up and go get dressed."
Karen : "Yeah, but i can't now... it's moments like these that i cherish."
Snap, Crack, Pop, and a big Boom! Both hammocks came crashing down within 15 seconds of Mrs. Karen talking about Cherished Moments... appearently that moment was NOT meant to be spent IN the hammock, but instead ON the concrete.
Karen : "O no, i'm bleeding... i think i might pass out!"
Rhonda : "No No, don't pass out, come sit down. let me get some ice."
Rebecca : " hahahhaha" - breathe - silent laughter....
Megan : "o my gosh.. i can't move. That's definetly going to leave a bruise."

I believe for mom it must have been like a trampoline because she just popped right up like nothing happened while i lay paralyzed on the ground. Beck was rolling in laughter, her poor mother cushioned her fall and in return got a bloody nose. Within a minute i already had a bruise on my toosh... it looked like a softball hit me. We all sat there laughing for about 10 minutes - like did this really just happen? It was stinkin HILARIOUS! No one was there except us... i wish that could have been on video. All i remember was listening to Mrs karen talking and then hearing this crack and seeing Rebecca turn her head like 'what was that noise'... then we were down. It all happened in about 1 second though. AAHH one of those had to be there moments. Atleast we know now 2 hammocks tied to the same tree cannot hold 4 people. And concrete is not a good cushion for your fall! We are each setting an appointment for the Chiropractor when we get back in town...

Dad's Dream - A couple of weeks ago, actually a few months, we were sitting at Apple Bee's eating lunch. Mom, Dad, Casie, and I started talking about Heaven and Christ coming back. Dad mentioned a dream he had... the time had come and all of God's Children were going up to Heaven. We were each inside this clear elevator looking thing traveling up towards the clouds... where you could see everyone around you. Only one person could fit in the clear case - which dad interpreted to mean that no one can be saved for you... each much choose on his own to believe in Jesus Christ. Although, you made the trip with your family.... each in your own clear elevator case thingy, yet grouped with your loved ones. As he was talking his eyes started watering - there are not many moments where i've seen my father cry. It touches my heart! It's so manly to me... He never finished the story - he told us that he would tell us later when he wasnt crying. Don't know why i shared that... it was just on my mind. I have spent the whole week around my mother and father - in VERY close living quarters... we've gotten to see things that normally aren't seen at home. I love it whenever my father is goofy! It's been such a good week! When we are at home it's like everyone gets caught up in there career, job, daily activities, then we come home eat supper and then it's like there's not much time loving on each other, and sharing.... chores are being done, books are being read, you know the case. This week no one has had ANYTHING they had to get done... We've been able to sit and relax with each other... a little too much for me! haha just kidding!

Anyways - we are On The Road Again in the morning! I'm ready to be home! I'm not looking forward to the car ride because my hiney and back are killing me from falling this morning... I hope you've had a great week also! Home Sweet Home, here we come!

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