Saturday, July 19, 2008

Up and Out

I'm leeeeeeeaaavin' on a Jet Plane.... not quite a 'jet plane'. Unless you consider a mobile home to fall under this category.

Well we're up and off! Just wanted to stop by and say hi this morning before we head out!

One thing i'm looking forward to - wearing my new swimsuit! I haven't bought one in a while! I went Thursday night to Academy, their swimsuits are 50% off since summer is halfway over. Yessiree! Got me 3 swimsuits for a total of 48 buckaroos! That's pretty good, considering it usually cost close to 40 dollars to find a single swimsuit. I'm WAY excited! They're all plain though! That's how i tend to roll! BLACK-BROWN-RED!!! I like black, brown, and red a little too much i think. Whenever i think about my apartment in the near future, i can only muster out blacks, browns, khakis, whites, and reds for the decorations, furniture, and paint. hmmm! My swimsuits are cute though... dont you worry! I plan on doing a little mixmatching - you know black and red, or brown and red! Or we might stick to plain! Just depends on the day folks!

K enough of that! I'm sure you could be doing something other than hearing about my new purchases and plans! I'm just glad they cover... swimsuits just aren't the same these days! Babies are the only ones who can get away with their tooshes hanging out. :)

I have my books packed! Bible. Breaking Free day by day - Beth Moore. 365 Days with Joni Eareckson Tada. When God Pursues a Woman's Heart - . He Speaks to Me; Preparing to hear from God - Priscilla Shirer. I know that probably seems like a ton, but they're all devotional study type books.... And i'm not sure what mood i'll be in. Each one meets a different! No christian fiction books coming on the journey. After i finished my last one i commited to not pick up another for a while. I want to study HIS word - His book. (And i enjoy doing this also by reading the journeys of my brothers and sisters in Christ.) I want to dig SO deep.

I will be thinking about you guys and continually praying as i'm reminded of each of you!

See you later!

Thank you for Vacation Father! Time away to spend with family. Help us to relax and bond with each other. May you have all the glory during this time and may we still see you in our days! Be in our fun - every activity that we take part in! Keep us safe, if it be Your will! I love You!

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