Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mi Amiga!

My little friend Zoey here has been sick and complaining about some pain in her throat and what she calls her heart for the past few weeks. She finally had a procedure done this week and found out that she has esophagitus - aka acid reflux. I only had her for a day and a half this week, and mom said to take it easy! So that is exactly what we did! Wednesday we searched all over town for some Hot Pink fingernail polish and proceeded to do our nails! I don't wear pink clothing, just never really bought it (don't know why?), so if you ever catch me in pink, it will be on my nails alone!
There are the beautiful pink nails! I must say the picture does not do the color justice... Mine will expire tomorrow! I've had all i can handle of this bright NEON pink catching my eye every time i grab something.
Upon getting home from the hospital following her tests, her mother called to let me know all the details. Zoey told her mom she wanted her to go back to work and wanted me to come over and watch movies with her. It made my day that she would actually choose to spend time with me! I love girl time with Zoey and i must say she is quite the girl. She lays around every morning after initially waking up for about 45 minutes, hops up to go pick out her clothes for the day (complete with jewelry and all), and then ends up in the bathroom fixing her hair. She is so cute with her hair! She does it all by herself, and it actually looks very cute! One of my favorite things to do is have her play with mine. She comes in with her bag full of hair supplies and then goes to work! As you can see in the pictures above, she likes my 'BIG' sunglasses! I always let her pick which ones she feels like wearing for the day any time we are in the car. I love you Zoey!

O and you can't forget about Levi. He actually spent the day with us today, instead of walking across the yard to Mimi and Papaw's. As we inhaled enough fingernail polish to cause a major head ache, he was zoned in on the TV playing XBOX. Look at that focus! I hugged him and told him bye as i was leaving today, and he never even moved a muscle. That boy is hooked to that game! Good thing the fumes didn't bother him!

Well a friend of mine is turning 17 today, she just called to see if i'd spend the evening with her and her 'rents in Longview! So i must get going! Mother enjoyed the idea of me cooking a little too much last week, that she offered i do it once a week from now on... maybe i should throw in something really really horrible that way she won't make me do it anymore? no no totally kidding! It will be GREAT practice and preparation! Tonight is Tator-Tot Caserole! Yes, another Caserole... that's all i'm capable of doing at the moment, but hopefully we'll venture out to something more next week! Got any options?

Have a great night! Love you all!

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