Friday, July 18, 2008

making a list... and checking it more than twice?

i HATE packing, with an overwhelming passion. No not really a passion, but i do not like it. If you haven't quite figured out yet, i am very anxiety prone. So packing doesn't work well for me. I mean you can be quite sure that if i pack your bag you will not be missing anything on your trip... but this is only because i have to make a list before i pack.... while i'm packing... and even after i'm packing. I have lists everywhere. Then i do a check list in my mind constantly, over and over. Until we're about 30 minutes down the road - then i let it go. No turning back then. One thing that drives me in sane is the fact that not everything can be completely put away until the morning when you're walking out the door. Such as your pillow, toothbrush, hair supplies, phone charger... you get my drift. I can't stand that mess... i need it to be all done with. I won't sleep well until it is. Well this is how my day has been. I'm trying not to think about it, haha! Just know that it will all be okay. But still with my OCDness, i'm going through everything in my mind making sure i have every step of my day covered.

Trying to look on the bright side - how can i look at this quality about myself in a good way? I'm a considerate person? Maybe. I always tend to think of others when it comes to packing... do you need this? did you remember to pack this? What about taking this - you might need it?

eehh, i dunno.

And there is always the fact that if you do indeed forget something.... i probably have you covered with my abundance of things.

Well guys - we're leaving in the morning for VACAY!!! Vacation that is! I'm excited... or i will be about 30 miles down the road. Check with me around 8:30 and i'll probably be getting fired up! Until then, anxiety is still very high. Praying for you all! Have a fanastic week!

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