Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dog Patch USA

We brought China along with us on the adventurous Vacation of 2008! After unpacking and securing down the camper last night, we chose to eat at a restuarant that was within walking distance. On our return to the Kampground (this is how they spell it) i saw a sign that said, "clean up after your dog! City Ordinance!"

OKAY OKAY! First off, i have never cleaned up after my dog. She barks, i let her out, she does her business in the back yard and then barks again to come back inside. Who knows when it's a Number 1 Job or Number 2... i do NOT pay attention.

When we go camping, she's outside most of the time because she LOVES a new place... that means she gets to sniff around a lot! We do not watch her every step nor monitor her bathroom breaks. So i have NO idea, when or where she decides to use it.

Secondly, we do not own a pooper scooper! I mean seriously? What are they wanting from us? To put on some gloves, search for the poop, and put it in a trash bag? I don't think so. haha!

maybe i need to get my heart right....

Dad went walking around the Kampground this morning and found a fenced in area that says, "Dog Patch USA" He came back and told us about it! Waking up to hear about Dog Patch USA is not what i had in mind... i died laughing!

I'm still waiting on China to get my attention and then tell me, "hey dude, i uh gosta go poop... will you carry me over to the Patch?"

What are you thinking? You see it happening? Because i'm thinking... nah! Do i just take a break every now and then and carry her over to see if she decides to unload?


Mother Nature decided to drop in this morning for her Monthly visit! It's always a JOY to have her!

I did find a little patch of woods with a swing in the center of it... PERFECT for having some Jesus time in the mornings! It's about 50 yards from our camp-site!

We finally found an internet connection! I hope to keep you posted on our interesting happenings throughout the week! Hope your Sunday was enjoyable! We are heading out to Springfield this afternoon to go visit The Original Bass Pro Shop - then it's back to Branson to eat supper and Broadway Show at 8:00! K well i'm done! Off to get ready! Miss you guys!

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