Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Made It!

We arrived safely, but we had a few obstacles....

We planned on departing at 8:00, but were thirty minutes late getting a start. We brought the campers with us to stay in, because it's much cheaper than a hotel! A rock hit the windshield of the Young's camper, and the crack slowly started to grow.

A little while further down the road one of the back tires of our camper blew out - but not completely. The amazing thing is if we had been 30 miles further up the road we would have been in the mountains and it would NOT have been good. The LORD is a God of timing huh? Even if we 'think' we left late... He had a plan ALL along. What's weird and almost totally impossible is ONLY the tread came off the tire. It was worn down completely smooth, but would not bust. The part that did come off hit the bottom of the camper... which knocked the mesh tarp net thing that holds all the wires and insulation in. So we were losing a lot stuff as we were cruising down the road. I was in the Young's camper with them and happened to be sitting up front and watched it all happen.

We were delayed at Walmart for 2 hours, but they hooked us up with 2 fresh new tires! While we were waiting we decided to go ahead and eat lunch... the mom's ran in walmart and got a few groceries they had forgotten... and us girls colored in the camper! We started making a book of our Adventure! haha! I will have to post it when i get back in town!

All is well! Attitudes are still very cheery! :) The camper has a battle wound - a little dent in the side with black marks!

We've had fun so far, despite our break downs!

The mountains are SO beautiful! I love Texas, but i hope to live somewhere different one day! I want to be able to wake up and go outside to see this beautiful landscape! AHH! Breathtaking! Fireflies/light bugs are of the maximum tonight... i was sitting outside watching the parents play Ladder Golf and i swear about every 2 seconds you could see one light up! It's SO neat!

K well i'm off! Just wanted to say HELLO!

Praise the Lord for being a God of timing, and for keeping us safe! And praise Him for the beautiful work of His hands!


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