Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Be a Mentor

A few months ago i was talking with a friend about discipleship and mentoring...

We admitted to each other that no one had been a true mentor to us while starting our walk with the Lord, or encouraging us to continue on.

This friend asked me to think about it... He felt that it was important and that the Lord had laid it on his heart. I prayed about it every now and then, but never faithfully.

Not far from the day he mentioned it to me one of my religion teachers also brought it up. I made a note in the margin of my page that day in class.... to pray about mentoring someone. For the Lord to lay it on my heart a specific name of someone that He wanted me to spend time with. Share my specific story with.

I can't remember exactly how close these happened within each other... but if i'm not mistaken it was all within the same week or two.

I was studying and preparing my lesson for Sunday School - can you guess what the lesson was over? Being a Mentor.

I remember thinking back then that'd it definetly be frightening. I wouldn't have a clue where to start. What to do, or even say. I wish i could say that i've been praying since then, but i have not.

It's one of those moments where you pray for a few days and then you forget about it.... such a shame.

I say all of this because i have someone on my mind. I didn't dwell on it long, it kind of just passed through.... Her name and possibly the thought of mentoring.

A few minutes ago my mother came in the room with the phone in her hand. She had just hung up with a friend who wanted to thank me for the influence i was having on their daughter.

I couldn't even look my mother in the eyes. I stared at the floor holding back the tears from flowing.

I kind of laughed and my mother said - "Megan your walk is starting to match your talk and this person has noticed."

It was the same girl who i'd thought about earlier.

I am SO not worthy enough.... i've made so many many many mistakes in my life that most people probably don't even have a clue about. I'm not qualified nor smart enough, but thank the Lord... because in my weakness He is proven strong. I'm not sure what to say to this person or where to begin with her... I've never done this before. Which means that it's going to be a growing experience for each of us.

I am going to pray over this a little longer to make sure this is truly from the Lord. Then i am going to see how He leads this relationship and situation.

Have i used up my prayer requests, or can i ask you for another? :)

I am reminded once again the impact we have on people even when we don't realize it... it's when we aren't trying to please anyone but the Lord that we have the most influence on someone's life. [Be aware! People are watching - who are you living for?]

O God i'm listening... please please bring me into Your presence. A place where i am not worthy to be, but long to be so bad. I am realizing that you don't speak on my terms or my time... o but i want to be awake, alert, and ready when you choose to... Take me deeper Lord. Father guide me in this situation. Confirm this if it's what you want from me. May Your Will be done - I surrender all to You. I love You - I need You.

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