Monday, July 21, 2008

more pics....

The girls went shopping today while the guys played golf. It was SUPER hot and we were very tired from walking... most of our day was spent sitting on benches taking pictures, or being goofy in the stores taking more pictures.

Beck and I on the way to the Branson Landing!

Casie and I - wonderful sisters!

We had yet to take a picture with our mom! So here it is!

Think i could pass for a model? NAW!


This was last night before the Broadway show! We have to get a picture in every outfit! haha!

China and I went for a walk this morning around the Kampground... you can get the same cardiovascular workout by walking up and down these huge hills as you do running a mile in Texas. If you would have heard me breathing when i got back to the camper you would have thought i had just got done running a race. Casie and I just got out of the pool - we swam 5 laps down and back! I haven't been able to sleep well on the blow up mastress in the camper! Hopefully tonight after walking this morning, walking while shopping all day, and swimming a few laps i'll be knocked out! My eyes are stinkin' heavy as i sit here and type! I gotta run take a shower to get ready for the show tonight! I started typing about my quiet time this morning, but i can't quite get it to flow right... so that post will have to wait until my body is rested enough to focus! The show tonight is called SIX - it's six (obviously) guys who sing and make their music (the beat and instruments) with their mouths! Can't wait... it should be VERY interesting! ta-ta for now!


Mandy said...

Thanks for keeping us "posted"! I almost feel like I'm on vacation too! HaHa! That may be the closest I'll get this year, we'll see. Glad you're having fun.
PS. It was hot here today too!

CDJ said...

very cute pix. I LOVE the marker art on the sidebar. I showed the boys the chair. They said "thanks!"...not sure if they realize you ONLY took a picture and that's gonna have to do it for'em. Bungie that rig onto the camper! it'll go.