Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back to Hotness

Well we're home! I've already made two trips from the camper into the house... it's so hot! I'm trying to wait a little longer for the air condition to cool off the camper so i don't have to sweat so much unloading.

As i was waiting a friend called to ask me some questions about blogging. I was trying to help her figure out how to change her background and find a new cute lay out. I decided to change mine, but i'm not good at picking... haha! I need the full picture, so i have to choose one, view my blog to see if i like, then change if i end up hating... well you see i don't really know where i got the old one before i changed to this one! So it looks like i'm stuck with this til' i find a cuter one. I just get lazy and don't feel like looking through page after page of lay outs! I'm thinking this one just doesn't look like me... and i really say JUST too much! Have you noticed? Because i have... it's like those people who say like, and like and like, over and over and you get annoyed. Well i'm sorry for the JUST!

I found a new singer that i really like! I bought her cd while we were out shopping this week in Branson! I will be posting some lyrics to her songs whenever i feel the need...

I am continually amazed at God's Timing and Faithfulness! I will have to save everything that i mean by this for another post... it will take a lot of space! I love You Lord!

I need to go over my lesson for Sunday School in the morning and eventually finish unloading my things from the camper! JOY JOY JOY! Sunday school is a joy... but not unpacking! That's a pain in the REAR! I feel like i have a lot to say, but i'm going to wait for another day to post all that!

Thank you for bringing us home safely Father! I find myself more and more aware of You and in love with You... draw me deeper Father - so i can find You! Help me to recognize You and choose to be obedient where ever you call me to go and whatever you call me to do. Thanks for the Youngs - it's been such a joy to spend the week with them. Be with Erin as she spends her last few weeks in Japan. Prepare my heart and mind as i study the lesson for tomorrow morning. Take over Father! May Your Will be done in this class! I love You! -me.

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