Friday, July 4, 2008

A Fun Evening

Sharing a few pictures from our night yesterday evening. (Erin, we miss you and hope you enjoy these!) Here is one of my life long friends, good ol' Rebeck! We are 4 years apart, but that doesn't stop the friendship! Our families grew up together, took vacations together(the next being in like 3 weeks WOO HOO!), you know the whole deal... I was there for her birth, although don't recall any of it! There are many many many memories to share! You know how something is SO hilarious to you, but then you try to share it with others and it just doesn't work? Yeah, well we have a TON of those!

Cheddars anyone? First off, Rebecca whatever it is that you are looking at on that menu appearently is NOT sounding very tastey... i'm thinking you should probably choose something else! And Secondly, i should obviously eat the WHOLE menu because i look disgustingly skinny.

*Incase you are wondering, this is one of my favorite shirts! I think every picture i post i have on this same shirt... haha i swear i have others! One time a few years back, we went camping at the lake here in town and umm... Rebecca and i were having just a grand ol' time out on the Jet Skies. Well we were on the SAME one, together..... ALONE. No one else with us! And well our lovely Jet Ski decided to just stop running. You see the bad thing is, we were close to... NOT land, but NOT deep enough nor clean enough water for swimming. It was like a ton of trees, but scary looking. There was a swimming area within seeing AND we 'thought' hearing distance. We waved the swimmers down and tried to get their attention so they would come and pull us to land... and yeah that didn't work! So we decided to not waste our breath on those guys! They would just wave back and we'd be like "NO YOU IDIOT, we are NOT saying hello, we are saying HELP!" I'm telling you people, we were out there for probably over an hour, just drifting along, enjoying the scenary, VERY SLOWLY i might add! I'm glad we found it humerous at the time. We just sat there laughing, because we could just imagine how retarted we looked. Finally, some boat pulled up... they tied us to the back and pulled us back to our camping site. Glad our parents noticed we were missing and came to look! :)

These are her new shoes! Don't you love how she is displaying them for you? SHOES SHMOES! What a lovely birthday present!

This video is a 'guess you had to be there' moment! No one will probably laugh at this video except for those of us who were in the car. Rebecca was reading this big long descriptive thing that came on the box with her new shoes. It was quite hilarious! History 101... My favorite part is out-raced, out-cruised, out-fished... oh and 'to this very moment', as you point to the shoes! You can hear me cracking up... You are a dork! Thanks for making me laugh! I had so much fun!

Happy Birthday Beck! I love you!

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