Monday, July 21, 2008

Good night!

We went to a show tonight called SIX! They are six brothers (actually there are 10 brothers in all, but only 6 in the show.) They sing and make their own instrument sounds.... we knew beforehand that it had to be good, but never did we expect what we saw and heard. If you are ever in Branson you HAVE to see this show. On the way back we were all singing trying to act like them - it was pretty funny! They ended the show with Gospel music and speaking about Jesus. It was such a clean just amazing show!

We are going to Silver Dollar City in the morning! We are all worn out and very sleepy so we were going to come straight back from the Show and go to bed.... BUTTT Erin called! We hooked up the camera and all crammed into the screen and got to say hello! She's telling us all these different stories and we're telling her about our adventures! She's talking to her mom right now about the people she's been meeting with and sharing the Gospel! It's 11:15 PM Monday night right now on our time, but it's 1:15 PM (after lunch) over in Japan on Tuesday for her.... that's so weird!

K well i'm off to bed! This has been So fun keeping a post for each day! Love!

Father i come to you now lifting up Erin... Thank you for allowing us to be able to speak to her and see her. I am amazed and encouraged by her - bless her Father! Be with the rest of her time there and bring her home safely if it's Your Will! We love you!

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