Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having Fun!

We went to Silver Dollar City today and well, we actually only rode 3 rides... But we saw 3 shows also and they were pretty entertaining! While we were waiting on the shows to start we turned on the video and started acting like FOOLS! Re-living moments and inside jokes from our week so far...

I'm thinking in Heaven there is going to be this humongous rocking chair where we can sit with Jesus and just hang out! I LOVE rocking! yay for this HUGE rocking chiar! We were waiting in line for lunch and decided to take a moment to get a photo!

I made mom and Karen get one too! haha! Don't you think it was a GREAT idea! They are laughing their heads off! They look like little children!

Me and Beck!

We were waiting for our show to start...Thought the way they were sitting was funny! Appearently Mrs. Karen has cooties or something!

And now we are entering the Theatre for Circus On Ice!

When we were exiting the show it was POURING down rain so we found a roof and rested until the storm passed. We sat down on some little game where you shoot guns at targets....

We could probably get in trouble for this... we were sitting on the area where the people walk up, put in there money and start shooting... and not only that but had our backs turned towards the street and feet hanging INSIDE the shop! Photo time with GUNS!

And since we were already misbehaving.... we jumped inside and told mom to hurry and take our picture! Being bad is SO fun!

Who knows where the person running the game was? No where to be found!


And Beck decided to play the game... look at her!

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