Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This week has truly been SO fun! I've been praying and trying so hard to get my life and relationship where it needed to be with the Lord. I know that NO one can work on it for me, i must put time, effort, and my heart into knowing the Lord and developing the relationship with Him that He intended to be. For the past two weeks i have felt more FREE than i have in my entire life. My mind is finally experiencing freedom! O it's great!

I love the Young's, they are like family... I've noticed how different i have been acting this week! I started dwelling on it tonight - and i think it's because I am MYSELF! I'm not trying to be anyone else around these people or being afraid of what they'll think of me! It never even crosses my mind... I'm finally getting myself together and being THAT person - no one else! I'm acting a COMPLETE nut and they actually laugh at me... and let me continue to be this way! haha! :) I'm not afraid to be who i am around this group of people - and that makes me really happy! But that's how i should be around everyone i come in contact with. I'm not one to hide what i've been through or am currently going through, but rarely do people get to see my goofy, goofy, goofy side! I have to be REALLY comfortable around you for this to come out!

The most important and special things in life are FREE! Family and Friends!!! I'm really starting to understand and see this... Relationships are KEY people! But it must start with the ONLY relationship that matters - the Lord's! Then all the others line up and you can't help but have fun and LOVE each other! I can't express how amazing and FREE-ing this week has felt! I hope you can see that in our pictures!

I want to continue to fall in love with the Lord and to find myself... then i can be that person no matter who i am with! I pray this for you also!

And I should be more like Christ and accept everyone as who they are... Let them have the freedom to be who they truly are.... Here's a song i just found tonight!

You Invite Me In - Meredith Andrews

I've been searching
wandering and hurting
ashamed of the shape i'm in
afraid you'll see who i really am....

But You invite me in
doesn't matter where i've been
Your arms are opened wide
there's nothing left to hide

How can this be
a love so unfailing
reached down and lifted me
from ashes to beauty

and You invite me in
doesn't matter where i've been
Your arms are opened wide
there's nothing left to hide

For You invite me in
doesnt matter who i've been
Your arms are opened wide
pulling me to Your side

now i am walking
away from the life i once knew
and running into Your grace
that covers my shame again and again
i find my life in You

You invite us in
doesn't matter where we've been
Your arms are opened wide
there's nothing left to hide

You invite us in
doesn't matter who we've been
Your arms are opened wide
pulling us to Your side

Your arms are opened wide...

Love you all, seriously! Let's be real, with ourselves - with each other! God created us each the way He wanted us.... Embrace it! Be it! Good night!

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