Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boats, Arks, Water

We had a storm pass through Tuesday Night. At some point in the early morning hours the electricity went off. I haven't been sleeping well on the Air-Matress which means i wake up about every hour or so... I layed there listening to the thunder - it was so loud! I remembered how we were up in the mountains, closer up to the sky and surrounded by tons of trees. It kind of bothered me, because i wasn't in a SAFE place... a camper is just not considered safe to me. If a tree can bust through a house, a camper will be much easier for it to break. Most of the night was spent laying there talking to God!

We left around 11:30 to walk over to the Titanic Museum. It's a new site here in Branson that just opened up within the past few months. We got to hear actual stories from survivors, touch a real iceberg, walk out on the deck at night time and feel the air temperature (mighty mighty cold), put our hands in the 28 degree water that many of those people fell in, see what the grand staircase and bedrooms looked like, see other articles that have been recovered, hear facts about how the titanic was built and ran... so many things. We each got a boarding pass before we entered the boat which told the actual true identity and life story of your person... at the end of the tour you went into a room with every passenger on board that day listed on the wall. You had to search for you name and find out the outcome of the passenger. (all of us girls survived, dad and steve perished.... Steve was actually the Captian and dad was part of the crew and happened to be steve's firsthand man!) It was very interesting! It made it seem more real.

Sometimes it's so hard to hear stories from the past - they don't seem real.... they seem just like that - 'stories'.

Noah the Musical was at 3:30 that afternoon... we found it quite humerous that it rained and poured on the day that we went to see the Titanic and Noah's Ark. Moving on from one boat to the other - two TRUE actual stories in one day! Noah was a good show too! They made a parallel at the end of the show that i have never before thought about or pictured.

The Lord found favor in Noah and spoke to Him. He told Him that a storm is coming, a flood to sweep over and wipe out all Creation... rain will come on the Earth - something that had NEVER before happened. They didn't even know what rain was, nor an Ark. But the Lord told Him exactly how to build it. Noah built this humongous boat with all these many rooms inside. There was only one door to get inside the boat and if you read the account in the bible it says that the Lord shut them in. (Gen 7:16)

Christ told us that He was going to Heaven to prepare a place for us... a mansion with many rooms... and there is only one door to get in. Another great flood is coming - a consuming fire. Will you come aboard His boat and be saved from something that has never before happened... or will you trust in something else? No one has ever seen God - He will come back once to get all His children... do you believe that it is REALLY going to happen just like Noah believed that rain would come even though He'd never seen it?

Heaven is like the Ark that Noah built - with it's many rooms. The Rain is like the LORD coming back to save all His people, yet wipe out all of those who choose not to believe. Everyone that enters through the door (Jesus Christ) of the Ark will be saved from the consuming flood of fire.

Enter into the narrow door! Come aboard the Ark! Be saved for Eternity by the Lion and the Lamb!

I love you Lord! Thank you for new ways to see you and understand Your word! Keep us safe today as we walk with You and learn about You! Be with everyone back home! We need You Father!

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