Saturday, July 5, 2008

Speaking of Prayer

Whenever i was at OBU living in the dorm, it was VERY hard to find a place to be alone. You know my story, i was very down, trying so hard to find God. I started using my time in the shower to pray to Him. It was the one place that i could go and CRY and no one would hear me or mess with me. Since then, i find myself still doing the same thing. Anytime i'm really upset, or can't focus, i will either get on my knees in my closet or beside my bed, or i will get in the tub and just cry out to Him... let the tears flow.

The other morning i was in the shower getting ready for Vacation Bible School and i was thinking about things and praying. This might seem extremely gross to you, but i'm going to share it anyways. My hair falls out, REALLY REALLY bad. I'm talking HANDFULLS everytime i shower. It's amazing that i'm not bald. For some reason it doesn't just rinse off if i stick my hand under the water flow... so i've learned to stick it to the wall and then when i get out clean it off with a tissue. (i am SO sorry! ha)

I have been struggling so hard, trying to find God in my life and what i'm going through... what He wants me to do with this certain situation. I did my routine in the shower, turned off the water when i was finished, opened the curtain, got out, turned around and written on the wall PERFECTLY with my strands of hair was -


i'm not even kidding people. I just stood there and looked at it. I wanted to get my camera and take a picture of it... but i hadn't been able to find it around that time. So i don't have a witness! But i promise, it was there!

Is that not cool, in a disgusting way? haha!

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