Monday, July 14, 2008

if you just realize....

The more we grow in our relationship with the Lord, the more we also learn about ourselves. It's kind of discouraging sometimes... you feel like you're getting closer to the Lord, but then you look at your life and realize, 'Man i'm a REALLY horrible person.' If you're not careful you can almost get bogged down on all your failures. The more we come to know Him, spend time with Him, and delight in doing the things that bring Him glory, the more we are going to recognize the places and filth in our own lives that need removing. Does that make sense? (oh, i hope it does... i stink at explaining)

I remember laying in my bed one night thinking, 'GOSH, i'm trying so hard to get my life right with God... i fix one thing, then i turn around and realize i'm doing something else.' WELL PRAISE THE LORD! Let it be encouraging to us that we are in His presence and having fellowship with Him. He wants us to be reminded of what we're doing wrong, so that we can continually rid ourselves of it.

So if you feel like you are constantly realizing all your failures, your bad attitude, this or that, thank the Lord that you are in tune with His Spirit... and fill your life with His qualities, His character!

Satan probably loves that we feel down about it... as a matter of fact it's probably a RED flag waving in his face to come and twist that little piece of truth. Yeah it may be true, but not for the purpose of showing you how you don't line up or aren't good enough. It's there to show you God's grace, mercy, forgiveness, and how you can be changed by His love!

I love you Father! Continue to meet with me. I want to dwell in Your presence, and who You are.... Draw near Father! Open my spiritual ears so that i can recognize Your voice in whatever way You choose to speak to me... and rid my life of all the worldliness and sinfulness that doesn't need to be there. I need You! Thank You for life!

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