Wednesday, July 16, 2008

walkin on sunshine... WOH WOH!

We had an impromptu swim day today.... a mother and daughter from our church came over. They had planned on using another families pool while they were on vacation, but claimed it looked like milk when they went over to check it out. They were determined to swim! The rest of their week was left open for swimming, so they called to see about our pool. Zoey and Levi quickly decided they wanted to swim also. We were out there for over 2 1/2 hours. We made a slide with one of the thick floats and set the water hose up on it. (see videos below) That kept them occupied and quite interested for about an hour and a half. The high pitched screaming you hear would be Levi.... excuse him! I was laying out on my float chattin it up with Mrs. Tina!

Levi is now watching a Motocrossed movie on Disney Channel while Zoey plays on the computer.

I get in these moods where i want to clean everything - i'm talking CLEAN... as in sort through and throw away things that are of NO use or no longer fit. I did this a while back in Casie and my bathroom. We had one of those wooden shelves that fit over the toilet... kind of looks like half a book shelf, but the bottom left open for the toilet. I just wasn't feelin it anymore. Over the years things just got thrown on the shelves and it looked junky. I cleaned it about 2 years ago and it somehow managed to stay that way, but i'm still just ready to let it go. My grandfather made it for us when we were in Elementary School and you can tell by the looks of it... it has hearts carved out on it! Just not my thing! haha! I figured if we moved it out, number one the room would look a LIL bigger and number two we could hang a picture/shelves (whatever) over the toilet to fill up the space with some sort of DECOR. Well i moved the shelf out, but wasn't strong enough to bring it all the way downstairs... so it sits in my room against the wall... RATHER ODD LOOKING. I have a Toilet Shelf in my bedroom, and i'm using it as my current bookshelf! haha! Underneath where the toilet is supposed to occupy the empty space, my white plastic laundry basket now sits - with mounds of clothes!

All of that to say - i want a bookshelf! This thing has GOT to go! And with my new joy of reading and accumulating books, i just NEED somewhere for them to go... i mean don't you agree? haha :) Angie Smith posted a list of books that she enjoys and would recomend anyone reading. I scanned the list and picked out a few i would like to get. Christmas list starting now!!! This bookshelf will go with me when i move out eventually... i need some things of my own. My apartment is going to be looking VERY dull!!! O but don't you worry, that bookshelf will be STANDING tall and looking DARN shnazzy!

Okay - i think i've had a little too much sun today, it's getting to my head! I'm off to cook supper... we're having enchiladas tonight! Have a great week! Love you!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I wish I could just let Tia out and not have to use the pooper-scooper. Im Beatle Girl. Look me up sometime and tell me wat you think. P.S. how do u get music onto here?